How To Soothe A Crying Baby – Leave The Sleepless Nights Behind

Babies cry a lot. I mean, A LOT. Sometimes they are just hungry, they need to be burped, their diaper needs a change or they are simply bored. In these cases, there are some ways to soothe a crying baby. There are many techniques and strategies, so be sure to try a few out to see which one suits your baby the best. Every baby is an individual and not everything works for everyone. However, the cause of baby’s crying can sometimes be an illness, and in that case, make sure to contact your baby’s doctor. Let’s look at some genius ways to instantly soothe a crying baby.


1. Swaddle your baby

The technique of swaddling your baby in a blanket sometimes works as it makes your baby feel secure and cozy. Experts connect this feeling of safety your baby experiences with the coziness and security once felt in the womb. A lot of parents who have tried swaddling their baby say that it helps their baby calm down and fall asleep. You can swaddle your baby together with its arms, or you can choose to leave the arms out as many babies like to suck their finger to soothe themselves or they like their hands to be free.


2. Make some white noise

One of the ways to calm a fussy baby is definitely with white noise. Some babies soothe themselves when they hear some white noise sounds. Experts have concluded that this is due to the similarity of the noise present in the womb, caused by the mother’s blood flow through the placenta. Turning on a vacuum, hair dryer or a fan may work wonders when it comes to calming your baby. This kind of white noise can block out any external noises that may startle your baby when trying to calm down. You can also buy a white-noise machine these days or get an app on your mobile. Another way of creating white noise is by making ‘sshhh, shhhh’ sounds.


3. Soften the effects of teething

Teething is an especially challenging period both for the parents and the baby. Irritated gums can cause the baby to fuss and cry for hours. This period is the cause of many sleepless nights. What can you do about it? Well, some general advice and techniques usually won’t work here. You need to take some specific steps since you’re dealing with irritated gums. You need to find a way to soften the effects of teething. Becalm Baby offers a wide range of teething toys and remedies. Teething mitten has shown to be a great way of soothing irritated gums by allowing the baby to chew on the soft silicone cloud shaped teether.


4. Try walking or rocking your baby

When it comes to calming a crying baby, there are some other ways as well. Many parents have found that taking your baby outside for a brisk walk helps soothe not only the baby but the exhausted parent as well. Maybe all your baby needs is some kind of motion to calm down. A change of scenery, temperature, light, sounds and smells is likely to improve your baby’s mood and soothe her. However, if you can’t take a walk due to bad weather, try going for a ride. This may also help. Some babies like it when their mothers take them into their arms and rock them in the rocking chair. It has soothing effects on them.


5. Massage your baby

It isn’t unusual for babies to wake up crying, so parents have to learn how to soothe a baby crying in their sleep. A good way to start is to check if the baby is hungry, wet and comfortable. If that’s fine, you can try massaging your baby. It is a relaxing ritual both for you and your baby. Use a gentle touch but make sure it is firm enough, not to tickle the baby.


Being a parent requires you to be very perceptive and to observe every move and cry your baby makes in order to try to identify the cause of it. When you get to know your baby a little better by monitoring its behaviour, you will be able to recognize its needs and acts accordingly. Until then, take a deep breath and try the techniques at your disposal until you figure out what works the best for your little bundle of joy.

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