Eating Out In Chicago: 7 Spots To Dine For $10

Have you ever thought how to dispose of the budget as reasonably as possible? When traveling to Chicago, you’ll get many opportunities in terms of eating out. Whether you are searching for a spot to have a first-class dinner, a quick meal, or you want to find something average – in Chicago you can get what you really want. Below we’ve prepared the list of the culinary establishments, where each traveler can enjoy tasty and satisfying food spending not more than $10. Check out these excellent proposals…

Small Cheval

What to eat: cheeseburger

Price: $9.95

Small Cheval Burger

Small Cheval is the younger sister of Au Cheval – one of the best burger restaurants in the city and even country. What is the attraction of Small Cheval? The fact is that smaller version of Au Cheval is without excess and extra brilliance. Compared to Au Cheval, Small Cheval is a place for an informal relaxed dinner, and its menu is also much easier. However, in Small Cheval you can order a delicious cheeseburger for only $ 9.95. If you can spend a little more cash, it’s recommend to add bacon for $ 2. Also, there are excellent milkshakes and cocktails.

Address: 1732 N Milwaukee Ave

Furious Spoon

What to eat: shoyu ramen

Price: $8.75


In the opinion of Chicago’s visitors, Furious Spoon is a king of ramen in the city. Shoyu ramen is one of the simplest versions of this dish, includes soy, pork breast, sprouted beans and nori. Shoyu ramen usually doesn’t include eggs and served without hot sauce, but it’s recommended to order them additionally. In Furious Spoon you will feel that the noodles and the whole dish are cooked with real love. For the price of $ 8.75 for this very satisfying meal, this is one of the best price-quality ratios in the list.

Address: 2410 N Milwaukee Ave

Cemitas Puebla

What to eat: cemitas with Carne Asada meat

Price: $8.95

Inside of the cemita de milanesa con chipotle y frijol (35 MXP)

Cemitas Puebla is proud of its delightful ‘Cemitas’. Cemitas is a kind of baking, originally from Puebla, Mexico. This is a homemade bun with sesame and an avocado filling, a chipotle sauce of own recipe, Oaxaca cheese and meat according to your choice. As a filling you can choose Carne Asada (steak) or spicy Al Pastor pork – both types of meat are equally good. In truth, you can choose almost any dish from the menu of Cemitas Puebla, and it will cost less than $ 10. So don’t limit yourself, and order a Cemita bun or a few tacos as an addition.

Address: 817 W Fulton Market


What to eat: 5 fried chicken wings

Price: $8.95

Hot Wings

If you think that 5 fried chicken wings are not enough to cope with hunger, then this is a mistake! The fact is that in Crisp the chicken wings are served entirely. Not just the tips of the wing or the chicken wing shoulders, like cooked in Wing Stop or Buffalo Wild Wings but entirely. The taste and aroma of these wings is just incredible. They are served with a slightly sweet ginger sauce, soy, garlic and other secret herbs, which make chicken wings in this restaurant one of the best in Chicago.

Address: 2940 N Broadway St 

Cheesie’s Pub & Grub

What to eat: Tenderizer roasted cheese

Price: $9.49

The Popper

If it seems that you have seen and tried all kinds of roasted cheese, then you will be surprised by visiting Cheesie’s Pub & Grub. This establishment offers a huge number of different types of roasted cheese, and Tenderizer is one of the most popular dishes. It’s melted and toasted cheddar. However, fried mozzarella with spicy sauce, bacon, chicken fillet and BBQ Sauce, served on Texan toast is also worth tasting. The cheese is accompanied by a ranch sauce. This is a very hearty sandwich that will satisfy all your cheese desires. By the way, most dishes in the menu cost less than $ 10, so try everything that you like. And, finally, every week a new special dish appears in Cheesie’s menu.

Address: 958 W Belmont Ave

Chicago Bagel Authority

What to eat: Dank ‘N’ Eggs sandwich

Price: $7.50

Round two at Chicago bagel authority. #eatcba #foodgram #ritz

Chicago Bagel Authority is one of those places where you constantly try something new from the menu and always remain satisfied. Nevertheless, the constant favorite of many travelers is Dank ‘N’ Eggs sandwich. It includes egg omelet, bacon, roast beef, smoked cheddar and American cheese, honey mustard, salt and pepper. All these ingredients are served on the bagel. This sandwich is so great and rich in fillings that you can eat it even for lunch or at any time of the day. The slightly sweet taste of this dish will make you smile with pleasure.

Address: 955 W Belmont Ave

Portillo’s Hot Dogs

What to eat: Jumbo hot dog, potatoes with cheese and chocolate cake

Price: $2.89, $2.29 and $2.50

Portillo's Hot Dogs | Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Set off to Portillos to try the most oily, delicious and hearty food. You can order there a huge hot dog, a small portion of French fries and the famous chocolate cake. For all these dishes you will pay only about 8 $. And this is a great offer! This establishment is synonymous with the city of Chicago.

Address: 100 W Ontario St

This list is not exhaustive, but only shows establishments where you can find great offers at affordable rates to have a bite in Chicago. So, if you get hungry during your trip to this city, you need only rent a car in Chicago under 25 and head to any of these money-saving eateries.

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