These 8 Rumors Can Ruin Your Wine Boxes Badly! How to Overcome This

Wine boxes are specially designed packages that are manufactured for carrying wine bottles. Various kinds of customizations are there that you have to follow to make them look more appealing. Many brands prefer cardboard or corrugated materials for making them. It is exceptional that their shape is customizable as well. Many brands like to alter their color scheme to enhance their visual appeal. Customizing their graphics is possible as well. Some brands like to place different kinds of inserts inside them to hold the bottles firmly. Some brands also use various kinds of laminations to enhance their aesthetics.

Wine boxes are an essential need of every winemaker. They can benefit businesses in many ways. They come in different styles and designs that can fascinate the customers. But some rumors about them are damaging their reputation. For overcoming them, we are here to guide you properly on those rumors. Let us see some of them here, and that will help us in understanding the truth about them.

Not Good for Protection

Safety is among the top things that many people think wine packages do not have. It is just because of their long structure and thin sheet used to make them. Some brands use a thin sheet for wine boxes gift. Even that sheet has enough strength and durability to provide essential protection. But many brands like to use good grades and thickness of the sheet to make them safer. They can maintain temperature for some period. Not just this, they also block hazardous elements outside. Many of them come with a holder that helps in reducing the impact of jerks, vibrations, and other hazardous during shipping. This thing shows that it is just a rumor that they do not provide safety to the items. The reality is that they can safeguard the glass bottles perfectly.

The Cost is Pretty High

It is a misconception about them that has influenced the perception of many people about the printed wine boxesDue to some printings and the big size of these packages, brands and people think that they come at a higher cost. But the reality is the opposite. Many of these packages are manufactured with recyclable cardboard. It is budget-friendly material that many people do not know about. Their manufacturing process is quite energy-efficient. That means it does not take a huge cost to make them. Their shipping cost is quite low as well. These things are impressive for proving that they are budget-friendly.

Only Come in one Color

Well, this one is quite a big myth about these packages that are ruining their reputation. Many brands prefer natural Kraft brown color for these packages as it represents the natural persona of the product. But that does not mean that they cannot come in other colors. Modern printing technology allows the packaging manufacturers to make them in unique color schemes. All because of the versatility of the cardboard stock that allows the businesses to print them in different themes. This thing negates the myth that states their color is not customizable.

The Shape is not Customizable

Many businesses buy simple rectangular wine boxes online. That is why there is a misconception that they only come in this shape. But when we talk about reality, these packages can come in a wide variety of shapes. Modern technology makes it possible to manufacture them in different shapes. You can see them in a triangular shape. The pyramidal shape of these packages is also impressive. Some brands like to use an upside conical shape for them as well. By seeing these things, you are aware of the truth that businesses can change the shape of these packages.

Cannot Contain Multiple Bottles

People have a common perception that these packages are good for carrying only one bottle inside. But when businesses buy wholesale wine boxes, it gives them a lot of options. That makes it possible for them to place multiple items inside them. It is easy to do by using dividers inside them. Multiple holders can also do the job but takes a lot of space which leads to an increase in their size. This thing shows that it is no more than just a myth.

Have Poor Standard

When people look at these Kraft custom printed boxes, they think that they do not have a high standard. Just because the brown color gives them a more natural look, but that is only a rumor. Because it is easy to manufacture them in great quality, businesses can use rigid cardboard for making them. They can come in alluring shapes and styles. Amazingly, their colors are customizable. All these things are quite amazing to show their impressive standard.

Do not Have the Versatility

It is an important thing that many people do not know about these custom boxes. There is a rumor that these packages are not versatile. That means their styles are not customizable. But when we talk about modern technology, it allows the manufacturers to make them in different styles and types. The use of various kinds of graphics is also possible. This thing shows it is just a myth that they are not versatile.

They are not Sustainable

Apart from their Kraft brown color, there are still rumors about them that they are not eco-friendly. Just because of vinyl lamination that they think is not sustainable. It is not the case as these cardboard boxes are manufactured with sustainable materials. They are biodegradable, which shows they decompose under natural circumstances quite easily. They are recyclable as well. Many brands do not use vinyl lamination and use paper one instead. That shows that it is just a misconception that they are not sustainable.

Wine boxes are quite important these days. Most of them are exceptional to enhance overall perception about the product going to be there inside. But some rumors ruin their reputation. We have shown some myths about them that you should not believe.

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