Best Travel Destination for 2019

Planning a holiday for 2019 can prove to be a difficult task, as there are so many places being recommended and it’s hard to decide where to go. Seeing a 30 second TV advert isn’t enough to give people a full picture of how a country or city is going to be and if you’re looking for a more detailed description of some of the top pick for 2019 here’s a look at Croatia, The South of France and Germany, to give you a complete variety of places to try.



A country that has become more popular over the years for many reasons. It’s now a destination for movie sets and TV shows looking for exotic landscapes which usually include Dubrovnik. This walled city is on the coast of Croatia and for hundreds of years was a leading port for trade. It also includes a pedestrian old town where the area only consists of footpaths to get you a historical feeling to the city. Croatia also includes iconic waterfalls in their national park and with dozens to explore the country offer beautiful landscapes to match is urban history. There can be a lot of travelling involved when it comes to seeing everything and it tends to be via bus, to taking some travel accessories might be an essential thought for this choice.


South of France

This beautiful venue for summer can be as luxurious or affordable as you want. Cannes is full of bars and restaurants of the seafront that you can enjoy with a day on the beach, and the small city is also home to yacht and film festivals that offer more places to explore. If you find the prices here exceed your budget, there is also the city of Nice which is much bigger and cheaper to enjoy which its own beaches and history to explore it’s a relaxed seaside spot that also has a lively evening to enjoy. San Tropez and Monaco are also a short car journey away, giving you, even more, to explore regardless of if you want a day trip or a few days to enjoy them.



It might not be the hotspot ever holidaymaker is looking for, but if you’re looking to head off on a city break at a quieter time of year, both Berlin and Munich offer an experience like no other. Full of fantastic architecture and historical attractions to visit both cities are full of life. If you plan to go in the colder months of the year, you could even time your travel so you can experience the world-renowned festive markets that include food, trinkets and drinking.

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