5 Ways to Avoid the Most Common One-Piece Bathing Suit Mistakes

So, you’re ready to rock the one-piece trend and hit the beach looks amazing. The only problem is that you’re scared you won’t look as great as you’re hoping to. Fortunately for you, the most common mistakes people make when wearing one piece are easy to avoid.


Shaving. While it is a good idea to remove hair from your crotch-area before going to the beach, shaving isn’t the best way to go. Shaving requires awkward angles and bends which is dangerous while holding a razor and once done, it’s only a matter of time until your skin is irritated and itchy. This is not something you want to deal with on the beach. Instead, you should go for a Brazilian wax. This will remove all hair from that area without having to worry about missing spots. Also, they will have creams for you to prevent itchy irritation. On top of all that, they last longer than your typical shaving session.  



Wedgie Suits. When bathing suits are cut high above your hips, the fabric on your backside will ride up your crack. This is neither a comfortable nor a good look to have. You will constantly have to be adjusting your suit and checking behind your back that you are not exposing yourself to the rest of the beach. The best way to avoid this mistake is to not buy bathing suits that are cut to expose your whole pelvis. There is nothing wrong or unattractive about buying a suit with a lower cut on the hips.



Bad Tan Lines. In one piece, you should be aware that there are going to be more regions of your body that aren’t exposed to the sun and therefore won’t get tanned. If you want your stomach to get tanned, don’t do your tanning in your one-piece. So, when you wear your one-piece suit you should lather up with sunscreen.




Looking Matronly. There is a big myth out there that one-piece bathing suits will make you look less sexy than a bikini will. But this is not true, you can totally still be sexy in a one-piece. If you are still worried about a matronly look, buy a one-piece that lets you show off your cleavage. Or buy one in a sexy colour like red or black.


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Spillage. One piece can be difficult because they require you to fit both your top and bottom half in the same size. This can often result in spillage for bustier women. You have to look for the proper support, so you are not spilling out of your bathing suit. On the other hand, if you are smaller chested don’t buy a suit that will gape. Know your body and know what to put on it that will flatter it properly.


It is very easy to make one of these mistakes while wearing a one-piece. However, by keeping these things in mind, you will be able to rock your beach-body flawlessly in a one-piece.

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