Where to Buy Hair Extensions In Australia: Eden

It’s frustrating to go buy hair extensions when you don’t know where to get them. Most people get overwhelmed as there are so many types, and those with high-quality don’t come cheap. 

If you’re firm about your decision to go down the hair extension route, make sure to investigate everything before you splurge. A quick search of the “best hair extensions” online will bring you to many places. One of which is Eden hair extensions in Australia.

Eden sources their hair from everywhere around the world to give people the highest quality virgin hair extensions and look their best all year round. Below you’ll find three of the most sought-after hair extensions from the company.

1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

If you’re someone who doesn’t always wear hair extensions, clip-ins are a great choice. They’re a temporary, gorgeous solution to lustre locks. This means it’s up to you to clip them in and out whenever. 

While you can wear clip-in hair extensions daily, it’s best only to wear them when you need to add length and thickness to your hair. If you clip, remove and care for them properly, clip-in hair extensions can cause no damage to your mane. 

2. Tape-ins

Unlike many traditional hair extensions, tape-ins aren’t bulky. And among hair extensions on the market, they’re quite a popular choice for people with thin or fine hair. Moreover, they’re easy to install, require little maintenance, and blends well with natural hair.

Tape-ins involve a process of carefully taping thin, inch-wide threads of hair between your natural hair. They usually come pre-taped — which are then “sandwiched” between natural strands. Although it certainly requires skill to apply tape-ins, the great thing is that they’re gentle on the hair and scalp.

3. Ponytails

If you want to go for a perky high ponytail but don’t have the volume or thickness, Eden’s ponytail hair extensions can help you nail that iconic look. Whether it’s a stylish braided ponytail, a textured high ponytail, or a sleeker look to hide a third-day hair, a ponytail will remain to be a staple hairstyle for all women.

Ponytail extensions usually come with a small comb attachment that you can slide under your hair elastic to hold the ponytail in place. If you don’t want that, you can also go for the velcro base, which you can snap together to secure the ponytail.

What is virgin hair extensions?

Virgin hair extensions make use of the purest or most natural human hair. It’s like the hair we have when we were born before it has been colour-treated or chemically-processed. Simply put, this type of hair extension is completely free from bleaches, colour treatments, dyes, and perms. 

Once hair undergoes colour treatment or any chemicals, it can lose its original, virgin status. Virgin hair is often much durable and healthier since it has never been damaged. This is the reason why Eden makes sure that their hair extensions are only made from the highest level of virgin hair available on the market. 

Eden Hair Extensions vs. Others

Made from 100% authentic human hair, you can expect that your hair extensions are in its most beautiful and natural state. Eden’s virgin hair hasn’t tampered in any way. Every bundle is cut from the ponytail of one donor instead of multiple donors to make sure that texture is consistent, the cuticle runs in one direction, and the hair doesn’t become matted or tangled. 

Eden hair extensions go through rigorous inspection for lustre, quality, and texture to ensure the highest quality of virgin hair. Eden virgin hair can withstand multiple installations and last up to 2 years. You can style them in any way to achieve the look you desire. 

What to consider when buying hair extensions?

  • Style – Pick a hair extension that suits your style. Check if it complements your face and brings out its best aspects.
  • Durability – How long will your hair extensions last? This is one aspect you have to consider to determine whether your investment is worth it. 
  • Quality – There are plenty of fake hairs in the market. Be cautious when buying hair extensions by doing research and questioning the authenticity of the seller. 
  • Customer Reviews – The feedback from verified customers serve as your guide when making a purchase. Testimonials from people who bought it before you will vouch for the product’s quality. 

Wear Your Hair With Confidence

Not everyone is blessed with healthy strands of hair. If you don’t want to damage your crowning glory further with chemicals, attachable hair is a great alternative. Hair extensions help boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. 

The idea of putting on somebody else’s hair on your head may freak you out at first. But know that most popular celebrities with desirable strands are likely wearing a set of hair extensions to add drama. Wigs are also another way to check if a particular style or colour you’ve been dying to try will match your face.

With today’s technology, hair extensions will mostly feel like a part of your natural hair, so what’s stopping you from using it?

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