What Are Probiotics and How Probiotics Benefits Your Health

Digestive and gut health plays a major role in the entirety of a person’s health. In order to maintain a healthy gut, it is important to eat foods that are nutritious for the good bacteria living within our intestines. One of the most important types of nourishment must be foods rich with probiotics. The main question when it comes to gut health would be what are probiotics and how does it affect our overall health? It is also important to learn about the probiotics benefits to the body.

Probiotics are found in various supplements and foods. The most popular food that is rich with probiotics would be yogurt. Doctors would often suggest yogurt to people who are having digestive problems.

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What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live yeasts and bacteria that are good for the body, especially to the digestive system. Some people might associate bacteria as problematic but probiotics are a different kind of bacteria. The body is filled with bacteria which can be good or bad. Since probiotics are a type of bacteria that helps the gut remain healthy, it is considered a good bacteria.

People who are researching about digestion and gut health would encounter the question as to what is probiotics and how it could affect their health. Probiotics are needed by our intestines. If these bacteria thrive in our body, it will help in ensuring a healthy gut. It helps to improve the gut’s microbiome.

Probiotics benefits work in the body’s favor. Taking antibiotics can make the body lose even the good bacteria. If the body loses good bacteria, probiotics can replace them and continue restoring the balance in the gut flora.

Kinds of Probiotics

There are many kinds of bacteria that fall under the probiotics umbrella. Each type of bacteria has its own benefits. Nevertheless, probiotics have two main groups which are called lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. If you are in doubt, ask your doctor regarding the best kind of probiotics that will suit your nutritional needs.


The bifidobacteria lives in the gastrointestinal tract and one of the main types of probiotics. This group of bacteria also lives within other mammals. This bacteria can be found in certain products. The bifidobacteria helps in digesting dietary fiber, producing vitamins, and aids in preventing infection.

Low counts of this bacteria were linked in multiple diseases while supplements with bifidobacteria can help treat symptoms of some diseases. This beneficial bacteria only make up less than 10 percent of the bacteria living within the gut yet it manages to help the production of essential chemicals, such as healthy fatty acids and vitamin B. Infections brought by the bad bacteria E.coli can be prevented by the bifidobacteria as it prevents toxins from passing to the blood.

Some studies showed that people suffering from allergic asthma, diabetes, dermatitis, and obesity have lower levels of this bacteria. Healthy people have an ample amount of these bacteria within their system. It can also relieve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome which would include cramps, abdominal pain, and bloating.


Another major type of probiotics is the bacteria called lactobacillus. This beneficial bacteria helps to convert sugars in foods and turn it into lactic acid. Lactobacillus make up a significant part of the gut flora in various body sites such as the genital system, urinary system, and digestive system. This type of bacteria is an important component of the vaginal microbiome. It is also found in yogurt.

The name of this bacteria originated from what it produces which is lactic acid. Lactobacillus produces lactase which is an enzyme. The job of lactase is to break down lactose which is sugar in milk. The break down produces lactic acid. Some of its benefits include treating vaginal infections, skin disorders like eczema, and diarrhea.

Probiotics Benefits

Probiotics help in balancing the digestive system. It also aids in the prevention and treatment of diarrhea. It also benefits the mental health of a person. Gut health is often linked to mental health. The state of the gut also affects the mood of a person. Probiotics maintain a healthy gut which in turn improves mental health. Probiotics supplements are also noted to improve certain mental disorders. Probiotics also help the heart, skin, and immune system. Ensure that your supplements are rich with probiotics to enjoy its full benefits on your health.

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