4 Changes You Can Make for A Greener Home

Now more than ever there has been a massive emphasis on making changes to ensure wildlife, the environment and even the air we breathe are being protected from unethical practices. While large business and industries are blamed in the most part, there are plenty of small changes you can make on a daily basis that can make a big difference for the future. Here’s a look at 4 changes to make for an ethical home.


Energy Supplier

Different energy suppliers have different ways of sourcing where the energy comes from, some being more sustainable than others. The number of green energy suppliers is increasing and switching has never been easier. With one simple phone call, you could switch energy suppliers so that you’re offered a sustainable energy source which will likely be the biggest change for your green home. Browse some of the sustainable energy providers as you’ll find that the majority offer similar prices to what you’re paying now, giving you no reason to stay with an unethical provider.



Suburban areas are given multiple bins that aren’t collected as often, which pushes people to recycle more, but this doesn’t help someone in a flat. Buying a tiered bin that you can use to recycle paper, plastic and food waste help your home become more ethical. Most building offer recycling bins, but if you spot that yours doesn’t, send an email to the building manager, it’s something they’ll need to change for the building a sustainable future. Having a bin with multiple sections helps encourage you to recycle naturally, and always, in turn, reduces your waste.


Eco Watch

There are daily tasks that you can change and you might not even realise it! Running taps when your washing up, running the shower for longer than required and when brushing your teeth, might seem small, but all this waste builds up over a year. Using the eco setting on your washing machine and dishwasher also makes a massive difference in the long run.


Buy Ethical Products

Buying products that offer ethical and sustainable values might seem like a small change but as more people commit to these changes, the use of the unethical products is removed. Learn about the origin of a product, where it comes from, how it’s made and how it gets to the store, it’s surprising how many products are already sourced ethically, it’s just a case of making sure you’re buying them over competitors.

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