Best Sneaker Stores for Exclusives

Trainers have been a fashion staple in the past few years. From the street fashion scene to the runway, the best trainers are highly sought after. People who love sneakers, dubbed sneakerheads, will go to great lengths to get the best kicks. But where can people get the best designer sneakers? This list is a rundown of the best sneaker stores so you can have the freshest shoes to go with any outfit. 

SSense, Montreal

Location: Montreal

SSense sells mainly luxury and streetwear products, and it was founded by three brothers. Rami, Bassel and Firas Atallah set up this company in 2003. They offer a very wide range of brands, so you can find whatever you desire here. They have their own editorial team, and here, sneakers are treated more like art than just shoes. 

  1. Slam Jam

Location: Milan, Ferrara

Heavily inspired by underground fashion, Slam Jam has been going strong since 1989. Selling both clothes and shoes, this boutique remains connected to the thriving art and culture of its surroundings. It has become a staple of Milanese fashion. Despite their headquarters still being in Ferrara, the Milan locations’ minimalist style has become iconic on the fashion scene.

  1. One Block Down

Location: Rome, Milan

Italian sneakerheads will definitely be familiar with this location. The main plug for Italian sneaker fans, this boutique has a reputation for its’ connection to the local area and its’ large array of stock. They have sneakers for any occasion, and when you check them out you’ll understand why they have such a passionate fanbase.

  1. Asphaltgold

Location: Darmstadt

This brand has been committed to high quality gear for many years now. With a strong following in Germany, they have been supplying German sneakerheads with the best kicks for a while now. With a massive range of designer sneakers, Asphaltgold collection is well worth checking out. 

  1.  AFEW

Location: Düsseldorf

Founded in 2008, this family owned retailer has been supplying German sneaker fans with a wide range of designer trainers for a long time now. In that time, they have built a large consumer base, and checking them out, you can see why. This retailer has a lot of variety within their stock, and has even collaborated with brands such as Nike and Adidas. Definitely check AFEW out if you’re interested in unique sneakers. 

  1. Footshop

Locations: Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Bucharest
Footshop was founded in 2012 and since then has become one of Prague’s most premier sneaker shopping locations. It has become one of the most prominent hubs of urban culture in Prague, which has added something incredibly important to the city. In their catalogue they have many surprises and unexpected shoes, such as releases you might have missed the first time around. They are certainly worth considering if you’re a sneakerhead. 


  1. Crepslocker

Location: Manchester

Founded in 2014, this brand has been supplying UK sneakerheads with the best new releases for a while now. In that time they have built up a loyal following, and it’s easy to see why. They supply sneakers by both iconic designers, but also by the freshest talent right at the cutting edge. By featuring industry staples and the most established designers, whilst also featuring the most avante-garde releases, they have cultivated a loyal fanbase. Their collection is well worth checking out. 

  1. Sneaker Politics

Location: Lafayette, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Austin

Sneaker Politics has been around since 2006, and has been a huge presence in Louisiana and Texas. They offer a collection that includes so many collaborations with the likes of Casbia or Nike. They are incredibly community minded, and often hold events where customers can come together and listen to live music, play games and even win sneakers. For awesome sneakers and community spirit, definitely check them out.

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